Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brewer Roll Call!

Part of the numerology of our 20th Anniversary Beer was to have 20 brewers add 20 different hops during the two brew days. With some luck and proper planning, we had alumni brewers on the first day and current brewers from all over the world on the second one.

Needless to say, it was fun. Old friends who hadn't seen each other in years were able to reconnect. New contacts were made and a few beers were consumed. Frankly, I could do this every week.

We want to thank all of these brewers, past and present, for being a part of this landmark brew.

For you impatient folk, here's a list of names. It's convenient, but you'd really be better off watching them do what they do best--brewing beer.

1) Tod Mott- Portsmouth Brewery
2) Tyler Jones- Portsmouth Brewery
3) Tyson Demurs- Portsmouth Brewery
4) Peter Egelston- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose Brewing Company/Northampton Brewery
5) Chuck Doughty- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
6) Paul Murphy- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
7) Sean Navish- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery
8) Keith Gosselin- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
9) JT Thompson- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Smuttynose
10) Charlie Ireland- Smuttynose
11) Chris Kluun- Smuttynose
12) Tom Ostromecky- Smuttynose
13) Zach Boda- Alumni Portsmouth Brewery/Current Allagash
14) Jason Perkins- Allagash
15) Andy Schwartz- Craft Brewers Alliance
16) Jim Sipp- Craft Brewers Alliance
17) Alex Kopf- Craft Brewers Alliance
18) Will Meyers- Cambridge Brewing Company
19) Greg Oulette- Martha's Exchange
20) Steve Schmidt- Meantime Brewing Company
21) Yvan de Baets- Brasserie de la Senne
22) Paul Davis- Prodigal Brewing Company

This first video is a repeat of Part 1 (for the sake of continuity)

Part 2 introduces you to brewers who both added hops and currently work for either Portsmouth or Portsmouth Brewery.

And finally, the third installment showcases brewer friends who took time to celebrate (I hesitate to use the word party) with us and throw some hops in our boiling kettle.

Thanks again to everyone who has walked through our doors, eaten our chowder, brewed our beer, grilled your burgers, and helped out in any other way over the last 20 years. We appreciate your efforts and we're happy to share our celebration with you.


The Staff of the Portsmouth Brewery

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