Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Rest of Hop Harvest #2

Things happen quickly at the Portsmouth Brewery.  Since the last post, 2 beers have run out (Gose and Whipper Snapper) and 2 medals have been won at Great American Beer Festival (Rye Not took silver and Milk Stout took bronze). 

My plan was to space out the video clips until Hop harvest #2 came out.  Well, the beer went on this morning and I still had a few clips left.   That being the case, here are the rest of them.  If you've got any questions, ask Tod and Tyler.  Mostly though, you should just go drink some delicious Hop Harvest Beer-both are now on tap exclusively at the Portsmouth Brewery.

One more thing- Clip #5 won't make it up.  It's resting patiently for our clips and outtakes post, which will probably take place in about four years.

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